Authors: The Reality of Why You’re Not Selling Books

Some of my best blog account are a absolute aftereffect from something I apprehend on Facebook. Today is no exception.

An columnist complained that they are not affairs any books. Yet, if I looked at their action on Facebook, it’s credible they absorb a lot of time arena about and accomplishing things that acceptable takes a lot of time abroad from business their book(s).

This is not a judgement on how they accept to absorb their time, but facts are facts. We all accept the aforementioned bulk of time in a day. How we use our time determines the after-effects we achieve. Plain and simple.

To accomplish at anything, you MUST accept laser focus on the aftereffect you’re aggravating to achieve. Without it, you circuit your auto and decay adored time on activities that don’t move you afterpiece to what you say you want.

Authors MUST Bazaar

No amount how you allotment it, as an author, it’s your albatross to do what you can to bazaar your books. And business takes time, accomplishment and focus.

Marketing doesn’t accept to yield hours out of your day. With as little as 30 account a day, you can aftermath amazing results.


One of the best accoutrement for awful advantageous business is a checklist. A account advised to accumulate you on clue with what needs to be done.

Here’s a simple checklist, specific to blogging, if acclimated anniversary day, will aftermath results.

  • Create shareable agreeable with your bazaar (community) in mind
  • Develop a addictive title
  • Add images accordant to the content
  • Include keywords in the column to optimize searchability
  • Add a alarm to action (CTA)
  • Utilize amusing allotment buttons
  • Allotment on amusing media

If your alternative is YouTube, you can use a agnate list.

  • Create a abbreviate video that is of absorption to your bazaar (community)
  • Consider keywords and phrases humans will seek on
  • Create a searchable appellation based on what your bazaar is absorbed in
  • Add a alarm to action in the video and description
  • Allotment the absolute hotlink to the video with your subscriber account and on amusing media
  • Column videos on a approved basis

Consistency Pays Off… Big Time

What are you accomplishing today, and every day, to body your online presence? What are you accomplishing to ability your market? What are you accomplishing to get your bulletin out?

Your outcomes will not appear by chance. They appear by design.

What are you accomplishing to architecture your success?

List one action you yield that helps you accomplish success. Consistent action is not alone on a able level. What you do alone contributes to your able well-being.

My Formula for Success

On a claimed level, I yield time anniversary day to meditate. This comes afore annihilation abroad I do. The acumen getting is to get my arch and affection appropriate with what the day will hold.

I aswell focus on my concrete well-being. Whether it be gym time or active a few miles, I do something to get my action up.

For my business success… I focus on how to serve my bazaar AND how to get seen.

One affair I’ve been accomplished affability is my action on YouTube. I’ve bankrupt up my approach to accept a solid bulletin for authors on how to bazaar themselves.

It’s simple for all of us to get aberrate arena about on amusing media watching the beautiful videos, account the latest tweets about whatever we get absent by and basically bunco the day away.

To get the aftereffect of what you wish in your business, behindhand of what blazon of business you have, focus is essential.

What do you do to break the advance and accretion afterimage for your products, casework and you?